Enjoy a Tropical Winter! Greetings from Puerto Rico.

To those of you already covered with snow, here I send you a little bit of warmth and comfort from the Caribbean…
Looking out from my balcony this morning, the imposing mountains of Monte Del Estado, already covered with the clouds that will bring the afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Towering to an elevation of over 2,100 feet, it is one of the many tropical forests in Puerto Rico, where the temperature remains fresh and the humidity extremely high. Down here, however, the Mercury at 250′ above sea level is at 82 Fahrenheit and climbing towards 86! The light breeze comforting us now, will eventually evolve into the strong winds of short duration that will precede the thunder and rain, right around…2:00pm?  : )

Bright blue skies towards the South and West, and ominous grey towards the East-Northeast. Just Beautiful. Hope you visit us soon!



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